Monday, February 21, 2011


If you didn't have the time to read through my last post, here's a shorter version with some added bonuses.
  • The governor is pushing through a bill that would cause three major changes to the state's union structure.
  1. Their ability to bargain with their employers is reduced.
  2. Their ability to collect dues is undercut.
  3. An annual secret ballot would be necessary to vote the union back into existence every year.
  • The bill would effectively slash salaries and benefits to state employees in order to close the budget gap left from the governor's $200 million donation to corporate interests.
  • The unions have agreed to these concessions, and they are only interested in keeping their collective bargaining rights. They want to get rid of the above three changes. This is not about the money, this is about rights.
  • Governor Walker has rejected union concessions of giving up salaries and benefits in order to keep collective bargaining rights. He has made it his personal mission to dissolve the state's unions.
  • Governor Walker has received the majority of his campaign financing from Tea Party supporting billionaire Koch Brothers, who are now funding efforts to disrupt the protests.
  • At least 100,000 are expected to show up to the capitol building in protest today as a few rock legends are expected to put on an awesome show.


  1. Sucks to be in Wisconsin right now. Good luck.

  2. Times like these, I hope the world is watching and taking notes.

  3. id be ok with more workers rights at the expense of dissolving union rights

  4. nice post, helped me understand the last one

  5. See how well that Tea Party is working out for ya'll? I can't wait for their bad ideas to get totally thrashed. Maybe this does need to happen to teach people a lesson to not just follow any stupid group that comes along. Yeah, you are upset with the government, but the same @ssholes under a different banner are still the same @ssholes.

  6. although getting rid of their right to collectively bargain sucks, cutting benefits doesn't sound so bad. when private companies go through rough patches, they tighten their belts, why shouldn't government do the same?

  7. tom morello! wish a ratm album would be put out already

  8. Wisconsin guy here, I have a few friends that have been protesting and I hear there has been a great turn out of protesters.

  9. argh what is going on with politicians these days.

  10. this is going to be bad.

    less salary, spending money means less money being spent keeping the economy in a choke.