Sunday, February 13, 2011

F!@# Yeah Anthony Weiner

Representative Anthony Weiner is possibly the most Principled Progressive ever to perpetuate his platform in a postmodern population.
A short list of the man's accomplishments:
-served on the Committee on Energy and Commerce (whatever that is)
-was a roommate with Jon Stewart in college
-stood up for healthcare reform even when his party was too chicken to do so
-defended the awesome notion of a public option in america
-advocated the unpopular decision of cutting defense spending
-called out unprincipled colleagues for being "wholly owned subsidiar[ies] of industry."
-blasted hypocrites for voting against the "9/11 First Responders Act"
-stood up to Bill O'Reilly. You can't explain that.

This man is like a "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" type character come to life. If Mr. Smith had huge swinging brass balls and was named Weiner. Honestly, I would vote for this guy fro president. Just look at this badass call for a Supreme Court Justice to excuse himself from an important case:


  1. Its always good to hear about people in the government actually working for the people by listening and helping them too bad they are so many corrupt next to him :(

  2. did know anything abt this. good start

  3. very informative, thanks for posting

  4. Lol, he was Jon Stewart's roommate, and his last name was Weiner.. must've been fun

  5. замечетельное видео мне нравится

  6. Got to say this guy is pretty cool!

  7. very informative, thanks for posting

  8. Too bad there are mire corrupt politicians in the US than good ones like him