Thursday, April 29, 2010


How angry are conservatives becoming? While surfing the web, I have come across rhetoric that is inflamed almost more often than not while reading/listening to comments made by conservative activists. They often speak of how Obama is a secret Muslim who was born outside the United States, and how the democrats in the federal government are legislating in the direction of tyranny and that they are looking to rid you of your rights. Obviously these sentiments are groundless and are fueled by far right media outlets such as Fox News and conservative radio pundits, and when any single conservative is challenged on his/her beliefs, they are immediately revealed to be concerned over something for which there should be none.

For example, Jon Stewart the comedian has had specifically two far right political figures on his show in the past month, and both have been shot down over matters of policy. Most recent was Ken Blackwell, the vice chairman of the RNC and author of the book "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency". I'll let Jon Stewart do the explaining:

The question is: Have Republicans shown that they cannot lead through the actions of George Bush, and now they are simply jealous that Obama is doing a much better job? Now Obama is not perfect by a long shot, but compare the two: one lied to the american people to involve us in 2 foreign wars which cost us $400m per day, and the other provided us with affordable healthcare which will ultimately save us money. One passed the patriot act, the other promotes transparency in government. One passed laws that allowed Wall Street to make millions off of a financial collapse, the other wants to reform the system to make that impossible. One lobbied to pass $700billion bailouts through congress, the other made the banks pay back the bailouts with interest in order to make it cost much less. One allowed 9/11 to happen under his watch, the other has implemented policies that has foiled several terrorist attempts in just his first year.

Republicans seem to be inventing grievances with Obama and the federal government simply because they cannot stand the idea that there is a successful progressive liberal president in power. It seems misinformation is becoming a world view with these people.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I don't know if you could tell by the title, but I am mad. I enjoy being exposed to opposing viewpoints and thereby opening debate, but recently I have seen opposition that is over the top.

Our Federal Government is no attempting to pass a financial reform bill that would make it impossible to bailout a company by decreeing it too large to fail, while simultaneously tightening regulation over derivatives, which had a huge part in causing the financial recession that occurred in our recent past.

And guess what? ALL 41 Republican senators are opposed to the bill!!!! What the hell is their excuse for siding with Wall Street banks rather than the American people?! I've heard the following milk toast responses:

-it is socialist
-government intervention caused the financial crisis in the first place (untrue as hell)
-the bill is partisan

While the last point is true, it is not enough of a reason for our legislators to sell out their constituents to the Wall street bankers. Whether you love or hate the current administration, you should agree that this particular legislation is essential to prevent another financial meltdown. It is simple fact. No amount of Faux News or MSDNC bias can change that.

The exact action which caused the financial crisis was revealed recently: Goldman Sachs took out large insurance policies from AIG on toxic assets-ones that were doomed to fail. Once those assets failed, Goldman Sachs made big bucks off of their insurance policies and AIG went near bankrupt, which necessitated their bailout. So at the core of the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs made millions while the rest of the economy was tanking. The federal Securities and Exchange Commission recently discovered this and is pursuing legal ramifications.

I believe everyone can agree that the government that governs best governs least. Some may tote the slogan and repeat it enough times for it to be legally called propaganda, and more often than not those people are the ones who legislate exactly opposite to that slogan, but in the end we should all also agree that sometimes adding laws is necessary to stabilize our country. Some may argue that once our government begins to legislate that there is a slippery slope that leads us straight to communist Russia, but that is simply idiotic. This bill, if passed, would improve quality of life for everybody and would prevent Wall Street bankers from making off with America's taxpayer money with no ramifications.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Was Thinking...

I was thinking I would go to a tea party protest and bring this graph of the federal debt as percentage of our gross domestic product (GDP), broken down over Presidential terms:

But, with all the violence that has been enacted toward congress people on both sides of the aisle since the passage of healthcare reform, I feared for my well being.

Also on the back of my sign, I was going to include something on how Sarah Palin's fiscal conservative policies brought up the debt in Wasilla, AK while she was mayor from $1 million to $22 million, and while she was Governor of Alaska, the state debt as percentage of the GDP to seventy percent, while still managing to severely underfund the Alaska State Troopers.
Check it out:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Palin's Fox News Show

I find it amusing and a little frightening that some people still think Sarah Palin represents the common person. Even after she rose through the ranks of Alaskan politics to eventually run the state (for, I admit, too short a term), even after a Vice Presidential bid, even after Presidential aspirations, even after being paid $100,000 just to give a speech at a tea party rally, and even after now getting her own prime time Fox News show.

Sarah Palin is COMPLETELY out of touch with the common person, and her poll numbers betray it. Even the majority of the GOP seem to think that Palin would not make a satisfactory president, with people across the nation who feel she is qualified to be president coming in at a depressing 29 percent:

Other than that, it is surprising that anyone would wish to associate themselves with the politician who is bleeding popularity at the fastest rate currently, even faster than our famously "socialist, marxist, maoist, communtist" president:

And now Palin is getting her own show from which she may preach her insane message of intolerance and bigotry. God help this country.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Who cares. It's so nice out...

Tomorrow's blog will be a doozy though. I promise. Something about Presidents' spending habits or maybe Sarah Palin.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Huge News!

Rush Limbaugh has moved to Costa Rica over night and promptly had a heart attack. His excellent treatment at the country's socialized hospital system has caused Rush to renounce his conservative beliefs and become a hippie. Bill O'reilley stated on his program, "I guess I was wrong. Socialism really is a good idea." Glen Beck, on the other hand merely called them both Nazi Socialist Marxists.

Also: Ever wonder why Tina Fey looks so much like Sarah Palin? So did a certain genealogical researcher at Rutgers University in New Jersey. It turns out the duo are actually long-lost cousins! Neither Palin nor Fey have yet commented on the matter (they have not had the opportunity), but the speculation is that one of the lady's family was estranged due to their political beliefs.

Also: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hugged Barack Obama today after taking a short break from his spring break after learning about the president's plan to drill off the coast of the United States.

Also: The entire country of Germany participated in a special protest in favor of campaign finance reform. The protesters spent the entire day naked, yet still continuing their daily routine, in order to symbolize the need for politicians to go without many of the luxuries that lobbyists buy for them in order to influence their voting.

Also: Pope Benedict XVI came out of the closet today as a homosexual atheist. And, due to the belief in the Pope's infallibility, the millions of Catholics around the globe no longer will go to church, pray, or discriminate against homosexuals.

Also: Fox News has actually admitted bias! Shep Smith today at exactly 11:55 am EST announced that he has been given permission to admit that "Fox News is a conservative news network. We have continuously taken the side of conservatives in on air debates and have numerously supplied talking points to the republicans of this country. That whole 'Fair and Balanced' thing is a load of BS." OMG YES!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Also: Vishnu the Hindu god finally got tired of incorrect religions and descended from the clouds to announce that he was in fact the one true god, and that even Hindus got it wrong with their belief in many. He said he used to chill with some guy named Odin, but that was a long time ago. The entirety of the world believed Vishnu once he made it start raining in ever desert on earth at the same time.

Follow Up on Yesterday's Post

When I said that "I used to be an Obama supporter", I meant simply that this new policy of ignoring the EPA and drilling for oil off the coast of America has pushed me over the edge. Obama is trying to be as bipartisan as possible-which would be well and good if the republicans were deserting the center as if it were the titanic-but I voted for a democrat to be in office.

Obama is attempting to appease the fringe right-wing groups by implementing this policy, but he will not succeed. No matter how centrist Obama tries to be, the Tea Parties and other fringe right wingers will continue to oppose him simply because he is not fringe like them.

That is why I no longer support Obama: because he is not Democratic enough. He has adopted a policy that is dangerous to our ocean life and will pay out very little many years from now. But worst of all: he has done this just to appease fringe tea parties which may include as little as 20,000 people out of over 303 million.

The polls clearly show that Americans want a strong progressive government, not one that caters to the interests of violent tea party extremists:
In case the picture comes out weird and people can't read it, here's a link:
and here's what it says: 34.4% of Americans identify themselves as Democrat. Compare that to the Republicans, whose recent polarizing on the fringe has caused supporters to desert the party faster than a jackrabbit stepping on a hot griddle. The percentage of people in America who identify themselves as Republican is down to only 24.5% of the American population. That's down almost nine percent since May '09.

The polls are clear. Fringe tea baggers and right wing media outlets do not speak for the majority of the american people. We want a strong Progressive in office, and we want Sarah Palin and Glen Beck ignored. I nominate Dennis Kucinich or Rep. Barney Frank.

Post Script: The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Independents is 35%, outweighing both parties. And although polls show that the Democratic party may soon pass Independents in popularity, I definitely support Independence. I like to believe that it means that the american people are realizing that both parties are in the pockets of special interests, and we need to come together at least temporarily to halt the influence of big business in our government. More on that here: