Saturday, April 3, 2010

Palin's Fox News Show

I find it amusing and a little frightening that some people still think Sarah Palin represents the common person. Even after she rose through the ranks of Alaskan politics to eventually run the state (for, I admit, too short a term), even after a Vice Presidential bid, even after Presidential aspirations, even after being paid $100,000 just to give a speech at a tea party rally, and even after now getting her own prime time Fox News show.

Sarah Palin is COMPLETELY out of touch with the common person, and her poll numbers betray it. Even the majority of the GOP seem to think that Palin would not make a satisfactory president, with people across the nation who feel she is qualified to be president coming in at a depressing 29 percent:

Other than that, it is surprising that anyone would wish to associate themselves with the politician who is bleeding popularity at the fastest rate currently, even faster than our famously "socialist, marxist, maoist, communtist" president:

And now Palin is getting her own show from which she may preach her insane message of intolerance and bigotry. God help this country.

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