Thursday, April 29, 2010


How angry are conservatives becoming? While surfing the web, I have come across rhetoric that is inflamed almost more often than not while reading/listening to comments made by conservative activists. They often speak of how Obama is a secret Muslim who was born outside the United States, and how the democrats in the federal government are legislating in the direction of tyranny and that they are looking to rid you of your rights. Obviously these sentiments are groundless and are fueled by far right media outlets such as Fox News and conservative radio pundits, and when any single conservative is challenged on his/her beliefs, they are immediately revealed to be concerned over something for which there should be none.

For example, Jon Stewart the comedian has had specifically two far right political figures on his show in the past month, and both have been shot down over matters of policy. Most recent was Ken Blackwell, the vice chairman of the RNC and author of the book "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency". I'll let Jon Stewart do the explaining:

The question is: Have Republicans shown that they cannot lead through the actions of George Bush, and now they are simply jealous that Obama is doing a much better job? Now Obama is not perfect by a long shot, but compare the two: one lied to the american people to involve us in 2 foreign wars which cost us $400m per day, and the other provided us with affordable healthcare which will ultimately save us money. One passed the patriot act, the other promotes transparency in government. One passed laws that allowed Wall Street to make millions off of a financial collapse, the other wants to reform the system to make that impossible. One lobbied to pass $700billion bailouts through congress, the other made the banks pay back the bailouts with interest in order to make it cost much less. One allowed 9/11 to happen under his watch, the other has implemented policies that has foiled several terrorist attempts in just his first year.

Republicans seem to be inventing grievances with Obama and the federal government simply because they cannot stand the idea that there is a successful progressive liberal president in power. It seems misinformation is becoming a world view with these people.

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