Thursday, April 1, 2010

Follow Up on Yesterday's Post

When I said that "I used to be an Obama supporter", I meant simply that this new policy of ignoring the EPA and drilling for oil off the coast of America has pushed me over the edge. Obama is trying to be as bipartisan as possible-which would be well and good if the republicans were deserting the center as if it were the titanic-but I voted for a democrat to be in office.

Obama is attempting to appease the fringe right-wing groups by implementing this policy, but he will not succeed. No matter how centrist Obama tries to be, the Tea Parties and other fringe right wingers will continue to oppose him simply because he is not fringe like them.

That is why I no longer support Obama: because he is not Democratic enough. He has adopted a policy that is dangerous to our ocean life and will pay out very little many years from now. But worst of all: he has done this just to appease fringe tea parties which may include as little as 20,000 people out of over 303 million.

The polls clearly show that Americans want a strong progressive government, not one that caters to the interests of violent tea party extremists:
In case the picture comes out weird and people can't read it, here's a link:
and here's what it says: 34.4% of Americans identify themselves as Democrat. Compare that to the Republicans, whose recent polarizing on the fringe has caused supporters to desert the party faster than a jackrabbit stepping on a hot griddle. The percentage of people in America who identify themselves as Republican is down to only 24.5% of the American population. That's down almost nine percent since May '09.

The polls are clear. Fringe tea baggers and right wing media outlets do not speak for the majority of the american people. We want a strong Progressive in office, and we want Sarah Palin and Glen Beck ignored. I nominate Dennis Kucinich or Rep. Barney Frank.

Post Script: The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Independents is 35%, outweighing both parties. And although polls show that the Democratic party may soon pass Independents in popularity, I definitely support Independence. I like to believe that it means that the american people are realizing that both parties are in the pockets of special interests, and we need to come together at least temporarily to halt the influence of big business in our government. More on that here:

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