Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama is a better Republican than Busch was

  • Obama has escalated the was in Afghanistan
  • The main subject of Obama's health care bill was the formation of a National Insurance exchange, an idea first put forward by a Republican
  • Besides that, the bill contained numerous concessions to congressional republicans, including the giving up of a public option
  • Obama has signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER banning federal funding of abortion
  • Obama has continued Bush's unpopular policy of giving tax cuts to rich individuals
  • Obama has slashed federal spending nationwide, including funding for NASA's moon and mars research
  • Obama has kissed Israel's ass for as long as he has been in office
  • Obama's biggest spending spree was the bailouts, which went straight to big banks and were originally a Bush administration idea
  • Obama has repeatedly favored big businesses over the American people
  • Obama is in favor of building dangerous nuclear power plants rather than environmentally friendly ones
  • Obama is against same-sex marriage
  • And finally, the big political news today is that Obama is ignoring the EPA and is expanding oil drilling in the east coast
I used to be an Obama supporter. But now I realize that I voted for a center-right wing president at a time when that was exactly what I DIDN'T want. I wanted change from the Bush era, but instead all we got was a carbon copy, more of the same.

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