Thursday, March 25, 2010

Political Strategies

The dems and the repubs both have clearly defined strategies for winning the November congressional elections.

The democrats are going to campaign on the successes of the health care bill. The tax credits are going to win them support from small business owners and recently sick individuals. The fact that the bill is so insurance company friendly will bring those companies onto the side of the democrats, which will secure campaign funds for key seats. The democrats will polarize behind this bill, which will benefit a lot of people, and bring their independent supporters and their base slightly to the left. This will also be an effective resistance to the constant magnetic pull right by the recent emergence of the tea parties.

The republicans will win a lot of seats by default, but default won't stop them from going all out in attacking this bill. They will continue to appeal to only their conservative base in an effort to polarize further and bring their constituents with them. Fox news will be an essential part of this polarization, as the conservative base normally thinks with their Glenn Beck. Look for conservatives in congress and on the air to insult and slander this new healthcare bill at every turn. Sarah Palin's strategy of targeting key elections is a great one, but don't expect it to capture her short attention span for anything over a month. The Limbaugh inspired fire Pelosi campaign would be an excellent moral victory if it is successful, but there is every chance that it will not get off the ground.

Overall: Expect many incumbents to be voted out of office, and expect next to nothing to happen to the current version of the healthcare bill other than-maybe- a few republican amendments.

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