Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Demise of the Glenn Beck Program

Well good news for anyone who (like me) was just waiting for the day when the insane and politically-illiterate Glenn Beck got his just desserts.

In just under one month EIGHT advertisers have dropped Beck as a sponsor. In the UK, the program has been running without commercials for 5 days now. Two of these aforementioned sponsors have dropped the Fox News network entirely, meaning that Beck is now actually a drain on their funding.
Even the StopBeck twitter feed had been in a good mood.

Recently, Beck want on yet another wild and unsupported rant, though this time the subject was Egypt. Beck managed to tie in Egypt with George Soros, the Green movement, Van Jones, President Obama, and an imaginary "Communist insurrection' which...doesn't...exist...

Here's another Faux Noise pundit telling Beck that maybe he should tone it down:
You know it's gotten bad when "you-can't-explain-that" O'Reilly tells you you've extrapolated too far.

Remember, this is the same Beck who has:
-Called the first black president a racist
-Called Senator Marie Landrieu a "high class prostitute"
-Called the first Muslim congressman a Terrorist
-Called holocaust survivor George Soros a Nazi sympathizer
-Launched an unsubstantiated campaign of hatred against anyone he perceived to be his enemy, setting off a new "red scare"

So I call upon my followers, before the next time you insult George Soros, Van Jones, or the President, think for a second and make sure you're not just playing directly into the hands of the wingnuts of Fixed Noise?


  1. It's kind of sad how long this guy's been around.

  2. I hope he gets pulled. I want o'relly off the air too. They are both so full of themselves.

  3. Ha! I'll have to tell my friend about this.

  4. there so full of themselves that they are just in it for the media views. its sickening that we have people like this still on air.

  5. I hate him so much, I wish some one would stab him in the eye.

  6. Nice post!!! I wait on my blog!!!

    $upporting BRO!!!

  7. though i bet it will stay on air in the US sometimes i tune in for about 30 secs or so, which is usually how long it takes me to change it out utter disbelieve.

  8. Wow, finally! The world has been waiting for this to happen since this guy appeared on the stage. Advertisers need to be more transparent with where their advertising is actually being placed.

  9. Hope he gets dropped. Good riddance. Can't believe he still has a platform to spread his mad ramblings.

  10. As a Canadian I feel I miss out on a lot of quality American punditry. I hear about guys like Glenn Beck through the filter of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.