Friday, February 11, 2011

Anonymous Uncovers Right-Wing Big Business Conspiracy

If this were truly a free country, this would be THE biggest headline in the news right now.

Apparently the right-wing Chamber of Commerce-which represents such huge corporations as ExxonMobil and AIG-has been hiring hackers and infiltrators to disrupt the goings-on of its political enemies including ThinkProgress and the Service Employees Union

The implications are obvious. Not only does this confirm the existence of a class war in the United States, but it demonstrates exactly how the Middle Class is losing without even being aware of it.

A separate leak showed a conspiracy by Bank of America and its big business partners to defame Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald of BraveNewFilms who wrote in support of the site.

Anonymous may truly be the last, best hope for humanity.

Other Updates:
-The US House of Representatives has once again passed the "Patriot" Act which is a huge infringement on individual rights as well as the biggest insult to the fourth amendment perhaps since the US was a British colony. The yea votes were largely republicans while the nays were largely democrats.
-Egypt President Hosni Mubarak has officially stepped down as President of Egypt. Ruling power now resides in the hands of a military governing council as well as the vice president Omar Sulieman.
-I got rid of my pop-out ads. I know how annoying they were.

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  1. Absolute power corrupts, would Anonymous be any different.

    Thanks for getting rid of the pop-outs.