Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Update

Earlier tonight, February 10, 2011, Egyptian President Mubarak has put an end to rumors that he would soon be stepping down. Despite transferring powers to the equally unpopular Vice President Omar Sulieman, this move was considered a snub to President Obama whose administration earlier helped to leak the aforementioned rumors.

Mubarak's tactics for saving face earlier include promising key changes to certain Egyptian constitutional amendments, claims that the protesters were motivated by out-of-state actors (untrue), and even promising to not run in the next Presidential election in September. None of these appeasements were sufficient for the protesters who understood that Mubarak would still attempt to claim power in his own underhanded way unless he and his supporters were to resign from the government immediately.

The new power holder Omar Sulieman is reportedly a very militant man, with a history in the armed forces as well as a record of using torture to achieve his ends. Bigger Protests are expected tomorrow, with the organizers calling for 20 million ro take to the streets tomorrow to finally achieve a lasting change. Rumors have spread about the protests possibly spreading to the presidential Palace which happens to be only a few blocks from the hub of the previous protests in Tahrir Square.

Rumors of similar style protests in Iran have also been circulating, so don't be surprised when the media switches their coverage there next week.

As always, live coverage of Egypt can be found on Al Jazeera television, as well as on their YouTube page:
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Mubarak's Speech:

Update: This morning President Mubarak officially stepped down as President after thousands of protesters congregated in front of his multiple presidential palaces. The streets of Cairo are awash in celebration.


  1. When that many people hold a rally in the US for their leader to step down, everyone calls them crazy T-Baggers.

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  2. @Dwrek Well Obama is no Mubarak. And incidentally, the Tea party is indeed the most politically illiterate group of people I've ever seen congregate.

  3. This day will go down in history! The scene in Tahrir square now is electric!

  4. They got what they wanted, couldn't have been otherwise.

  5. finally he is gone after 30 years of dictatorship