Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Nice Outside

Screw the polar bears, it's a nice day.

Just kidding, you should save the polar bears.

In Other News:
-Wisconsin has experienced protests against an anti-union bill that has little standing on the budget of the state. If it passes, thousands of state workers including teachers, firefighters, and police officers, would lose benefits for no reason other than the fact that the neocons had an agenda. Yesterday, all democratic state senators left the state to prevent a quorum on the proposed bill. Around 30,000 protesters had gathered in front of the state's capitol building in order to oppose the measure.

-The informant who convinced the US that Iraq had chemical weapons which prompted the 2003 invasion was discovered to be a liar. He knowingly tricked the western world into invading Iraq based on a lie. Ultimate facepalm.

-The US has unexpectedly joined in a international board to officially censure Israel. In my opinion, the state of Israel is the best hope of bringing peace and progressivism to the Middle East. But if this conference leads to that peace sooner rather than later, it is certainly a good thing.

-A giant cheeseburger, later revealed to be the one true God, has eaten the polar ice caps which lead to a dramatic increase in warm temperatures in the United States. Tomorrow, the oceans are expected to turn into mcdonald's special sauce. I wonder who actually reads this far into my blog.

-The US recently cracked down on over 100 medical practices in order to try to prevent medicare fraud. Saving money through getting rid of illegal activity is always a good idea, so long as you make sure no innocents are harmed in the process.

-Protests in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain have experienced a crackdown from police. In Bahrain, nearly 50 were injured and in Yemen around 24 were killed.


  1. Don't screw the polar bears. They are too big and strong. Go for something smaller, like a rooster.

  2. It's a beautiful day here in California as well.

  3. Yes I want the special sauce oceans. I would smother my burgers in it.

  4. I read the special sauce, and eew. I don't want to think about all that mayo left out in the sun.

  5. After reading about the divine burger, I'm not sure if the rest of the post is true, lol.

  6. Weather is awesome here too. Enjoy it!

  7. Get bored...
    A- Go outside and ride a bike
    B- Listen to music and sleep a little
    C- Ensure an entire country that a very frightening foreign land is harboring equally as frightening weapons of mass destruction, and nosedive it into an expensive and pointless war that lasts nearly a decade


  8. I knew that Iraq was a fraud, they never had wmd.

  9. I never knew that about the ice caps. iNTRESDING

  10. those damn cheeseburgers. what am i supposed to do now. i know walk around in my 35C heat.

  11. i think we notice the ice caps part :P