Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party Politics

Tired of Dems and Repubs battling it out over who can screw you better? I sure am. That's why America needs an individual taxpayer-centered third party to keep us on top. And since we all know how weak the libertarian, green, and socialist parties are, it's time for a completely new option.

Vote for the Lemon Party with me in the next election! Only they are capable of throwing the Lemons out of the Federal Government.

For A Bitter Tomorrow!

PS: Party politics matter to keep any democratic (or republican) society healthy and strong. No matter how much it seems like one side or both sides are hurting the little guy, the solution is never to say "F@#k it, I'm not voting." Protesting by NOT getting your opinion out? Idiotic. You have the power to vote out the bums and the corrupt, so USE that power!


  1. I think you should have a link for those interested in following "the party" :)

  2. the current american political environment is quite annoying as it creates a polarizing effect on every subject. Id like to see one that sits somewhere in the middle between them that seeks some form of compromise. But the polarity of it makes the Mass Media way to much money so it would never be supported.

  3. Thank god I don't have to worry about this kind of political uproar in the UK!

  4. !!Hello man !!!

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  5. I dunno, I come from a country which has no stable government and I wish for a stable 2 party system where a party can make brave decision.
    The parliment in India is hung parliment and they have elections every year like Christmas.
    If the educated and informed stop voting it makes the situation worse- again take India for eg,the uneducated and poor always had been voting for only 1 family (Nehru family with Gandhi as surname) who had taken oath to maintain India in same state as it was during independence and never ever to resolve any issue

  6. Lemon party? You got to be kidding xD
    Did you see their site? :P

  7. LOL, love to hear more of this "lemon party". although I think the libertarian party could do a good job bringing some issues or some more abstract solutions to the forefront.