Friday, March 11, 2011

Walker's Base

Over the past few days, Governor Scott Walker has been imposing his will over the obviously unwilling state of Wisconsin. He has been busy cutting education and workers' rights
This, predictably has caused a huge backlash from the citizens of the state, who value their progressive stances on almost every social issue. They prefer educating the youth of the nation over giving tax breaks to the people who need it least.

So why is it that so few supporters of Governor Walker have spoken out since the debate started? Perhaps because less than 20% of the state's population physically voted for the Governor.

Wisconsin's census measured population was measured to be 5.6 million in 2010, the year the election took place. As you can see, less than half the population even participated in the election, and of those who did, just over 50% voted for Walker.
What's more, the Sunlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to exposing campaign funding in state and federal elections reports that Scott Walker was the highest receiver of Koch money on the state level during the 2010 election.
The Koch brothers are multi-billionaires who have donated huge amounts of money to the tea party movement and other Astroturf (fake grassroots) conservative causes. And though the Sunlight Foundation only covers $43,000 in donations to Walker's campaign, they don't record secondary contributions. The Koch brothers are reported to have bought several political ads during Walker's campaign, with costs numbering in the millions.

So the lesson to take form this is that Scott Walker was only elected through the use of millions of corporate dollars, with votes from a very small segment of the population, and that he is now imposing his will on an obviously unwilling people.


  1. This sucks for me. I go to a UW system university. By the way, I started my Chrono Trigger guide.

  2. You mean the unwilling democrats and union workers. But the sad thing about the whole election process in the US is how epathetic people are. We have a vocal minority getting their veiws blasted onto the internet and to the tv. While half the country couldnt care less let alone bother to go vote. I think most people just want to be left the fuck alone and not to get raped over a cheese wheel on the income they make.

  3. This is what happens when you don't vote, people. Your vote doesn't make a difference? BS

  4. Yeah lol more of the people should have voted

  5. This is how Union busting around the country will take strangle hold. Cut out the collective bargaining right of Unions with government backing, then move to the private sector with the precedent set.

    I'm a Union member in another state that is trying to do this. I've been to the state house twice this week to rally.

    The difference between my state and Wisconsin, is the Governor. Our Governor has aspirations of a 2012 Presidential run and doesn't want to make waves.

  6. ITT: people who think voting makes a difference. lol. Votes are all rigged anyway.

  7. You should not be allowed to complain about who is in office unless you have voted.

  8. interesting post

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