Friday, March 4, 2011

Soros vs Murdoch

In the news, two billionaires have been feuding over exactly who controls more of the mindless drones (middle class) in America. If you're the type who thinks with their Glen Beck, you'll immediately take sides. If you're the "Obama is the best president ever" type, you'll immediately pick the other side. So let's prove them both wrong by looking at the facts.

The two billionaires are George Soros and Rupert Murdoch. Obviously the two both have inordinate control over the political processes in the developed world, highlighting the more obvious flaws in our political systems. Personally, I believe we should implement a separation of corporation and state in a similar fashion that the US has a separation of church and state.

Net worth:
Soros- ~$14.2 billion
Murdoch- ~$6.2 billion

Soros is the obvious winner. If he put his mind to it, the man could probably buy half of Europe. But where does he spend his money? What does he influence?

Relevant Political contributions:
Soros- $23 million Soros made it his personal mission during the 2004 election to defeat incumbent President Bush, which obviously failed. he has also donated over $7 billion to non-partisan causes such as donations to universities.
Murdoch- Though Murdoch was a citizen of Australia until 1987 and was thus unable to contribute to American political campaigns, he is widely regarded as a king maker. He owns NewsCorp which has employed numerous prominent public figures, including Olliver North, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and the political clown Glen Beck.

Winner: Murdoch. Twenty three million dollars towards a failed presidential campaign is insubstantial compared to owning an entire conglomerate of media and biased news outlets.

"Spreading the Message":
Soros: List of journalism provided by Soros (click for link)

Winner: Obviously Murdoch. Here's an info graphic of all his holdings.

Overall winner? It's up to you. Do you believe that Soros' $7 billion contributions over the years solidifies his status as the ultimate evil overlord? Or do you believe Murdoch's ownership of one of the four major broadcast companies still left in the US, as well as fox news, makes his mindless followers more prevalent and potent? Let me know in the comments.


  1. what is sickening is to have so much cash that you could drop a million like I do a do a 20 and do useless shit with it. Your not going to take it with you so why not use it for worthwhile accomplishments. Disgusting

  2. Well soros did try to stop bush and murdoch owns fox so its clear who the 'good' and 'bad' are if you want to think black and white.

    But its scary how these millioneers own the news. News is what shapes our perspective of the world and these few people get to control it.

  3. well the comparison with religious institutions is a bad one, considering almost every single religious denomination in the US contributes support to political candidates and uses their power over the mindless masses to convince them to vote one way or another. We should put taxes on these business religions just like a regular business im sure we would wipe out the deficit in a few years with that simple change.

  4. if the people dont think they are being controlled by the media and big corporations then they are the mindless drones.