Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey followers, if ever there's a lapse in my regular tweeting or blogging routine, it's because I'm focusing on classwork. I just finished a big history paper so I'll be back to my routine.

Here's a comparison of data from states in the USA.

Education spending per pupil per state:

And here's educational results per state:

Notice the states that spend more on education almost always get better educational results. The outliers are Utah and West Virginia, yet even with them in the mix, the correlation is undeniable.
Look up other factors yourself at http://www.measureofamerica.org/maps/


  1. >Notice the states that spend more on education almost always get better educational results.

    That means the money doesn't leak like in third world countries where high levels of corruption exist. I have seen my government spending money in projects which keep failing because corruption everywhere.

  2. that looks legit, same in our country :P
    Lendo might I ask what country?

  3. As some one who was mostly educated in Virginia, yeah, this looks pretty legit. I have to say that the reason why West Virginia is probably so low is that anyone who is smart in that state ends up leaving, I have met many people from there in NoVa and DC.

  4. Spending doesn't equal good education results. South Korea spends on average $4K less per pupil and laps is in math. Good teachers mean better performance.

  5. Those are some interesting statistics.

    They could be interpreted in different ways.

    correlation != causation

  6. I spent an average amount on college and I am doing well for it.

  7. Education is what define the success of a country ... but be aware of what education. Because North korea has a 99.99% of success lol

  8. could be more of a correlation between the culures of the areas and the stance on education of the children in these areas. Yet note the low and high end for each map dont match up with eachother.