Friday, November 19, 2010

Left and Right

  • Urban
  • Peaceful
  • Equality for everybody > individual freedoms
  • Focus on laborers rather than employers
  • Less emphasis on organized religion, more on Scientific progress
  • Homeless and Criminals are downtrodden victims of society
  • Multicultural
  • Theistic, Organized Religion important for everyday life
  • Homeless and Criminals have no work ethic, chose their path
  • Equality
  • Generally more popular in Rural areas
  • An Employer is more important ultimately than an Employee
  • Multiculturalism is betrayal of the homeland
  • Emphasis on the Necessity of war

Note that these may focus on American Left/Right wing politics, but they also apply worldwide.
I'm personally mostly on the left side of the spectrum, but almost nobody fully agrees with everything their side stands for. I certainly don't.


  1. Now, if only we could trust our politicians it would be great

  2. Can't we replace all the politicians we have with people under 40?

  3. They talk out their asses about what the Founding Fathers want, but as I recall, didn't George Washington (who this nation holds in a reverence that would make Ronald Regan weep) say the entire political party system was a bad idea?

  4. too much info for me! i like to vote on politicians in my area but i don't know much beyond that

  5. i follow you every day,,nice posts..:))

  6. I don't like politics, but if you want to know, I'm on the right

  7. That picture really gives you an idea of what both sides stand for. Of course, like you said it's not concrete, as I know of some people who hold some right wing values while also having more liberal views.

  8. Im a mixture of both sides. This was a really good post. One of your best.

  9. I hate politics in general, it's all BS to me.

  10. I find it hilarious that America will keep voting in people that clearly want nothing more but to step all over them and give to the people higher on the social scale than they are.