Saturday, January 22, 2011


I just saw the movie "Armageddon" (1998)

Don't do as I did.

I'm now leaving the internet. I've realized that I do not want any interaction more than necessary with a species that could produce such an awful film.

Never see this movie. When friends ask me what the wost movie I've ever seen is, I'll reply instantly with this specific title.

If you find yourself compelled to watch this movie out of morbid curiosity, I beg of you, at least recognize it for the pile of dung it really is.

Watch "Deep Impact" instead. Please.

P.S. I could write an in-depth and scathing review of everything that was wrong with this movie, but I never want to relive the experience.


  1. I feel for you mate, thanks for the warning, but I think we should fall together, especially since you mentioned how bad it was.

  2. hahah ok wow you JUST watched that movie??? interesting... i thought (being a girl and all) it was romantic.. any woman longs for a man to lover her like that and any father longs for a man to love her like that.. but the best part is the scene when they take out the loan and go to the strip joint.. classic..

    Miss Dro Cooking With Cannabis

  3. @Miss Dro
    You can't put cheese on Animal Crackers. You in love yet?