Friday, July 22, 2011

Boycott Newscorp

So it was revealed recently that Rupert Murdoch and the gang of douchebags he employs were hacking into peoples' cellphone messages and emails, including politicians, murder victims, and 9/11 survivors. The Prime Minister of the UK is believed to have been in on the scheme, and several high-ranking scotland yard policemen have resigned their posts following the revelation of the scandal. To make matters even worse, the man who informed the public about the actions of Murdoch's douches was found dead a few days ago, while the Murdoch-bought UK police call it "not suspicious".

If you're like me, you believe that the person who is a big enough douchebag to hire people to hack the phone messages of murder victims is also a big enough douchebag to hire someone to kill the man who is costing his international corporation millions of dollars. That's why I believe we should all boycott newscorp and its shady and illegal practices. Here's a link to a Firefox add-on that warn you when you visit a Murdoch-owned website:

Here's a list of websites to avoid:

Hopefully together we can effect some change in the world.